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Our Products

With Picture the Magic’s unique letter photos you can use letter photos to create your own piece of framed name art that will remind you of your Disneyland vacation over and over again.

In addition to creating your own personalized alphabet art, you can also choose from our series of inspirational posters made from letter photos taken at Disneyland.

Choose from over 120 letters.
Each taken on location somewhere at Disneyland between 2010-2012.
Each is 4″ x 6″.

Ideas include:

  1. Personalize your child’s room with her name
  2. Create an unique piece of home decor by spelling your name.
  3. Recreate an inspirational word, such as “Magic” or “Fun” or even “Disneyland”

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Our best-selling bundles of letters, spelling out inspirational words such as “LOVE”, “MAGIC”, “DREAMS” and more!

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View our full line of inspirational posters & sayings made from our alphabet photography. Decorate your home or give a wonderful housewarming gift.

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